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Notes from the Underground

Notes from the Underground


by Fyodor Dostoevsky

Notes from the Underground Resources

Movie or TV Productions

The City Below the Line
This is the closest anyone got to making a film out of Notes


A Short Excerpt of Notes from the Underground
This covers the middle section of Part I, Chapter Eight.


Book Cover

A classic cover image for Notes from the Underground.

And another…

With a depressing painting on the cover.

The Author

Fyodor Dostoevsky

The Author in Art

A sculpture of Dostoevsky


"The New Cult of Madness: Thinking As a Bad Habit"

A fascinating Time magazine article exploring the principle that thinking = bad (which you might have concluded from Notes, depending on how optimistic you were feeling at the time).

"Love Life of a Genius"

A 1955 Time magazine article reviewing a book about Dostoevsky's love life.

"Dostoevsky's Whirlwind"

A great biography followed by killer analysis of Dostoevsky's structure and style. Not exactly light reading, though.

"I'll Try Anything With A Detached Air Of Superiority"

This Onion article totally reminds us of the Underground Man.


Can't get enough of Dostoevsky?

Neither can these folks. Check out the "quotes" section, it's a great testament to Dostoevsky's influence outside the literary world.

The Crystal Palace

More info on the Crystal Palace, but remember that this is only half of Dostoevsky's reference (he was also shouting out to Chernyshevsky's metaphor in What Is to Be Done?).

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