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by Janne Teller

Nothing Defeat Quotes

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Quote #1

We'd won!

Victory is sweet. Victory is. Victory. (4.25-26)

Yeah, not so fast, there, Agnes. You've just thrown a few rocks. It's not over until somebody loses a digit and a couple of house pets.

Quote #2

As songs go, it was hardly noteworthy, but we repeated it over and over to our great amusement. What amused us most, though, was probably the horrified expression on Frederik's face. (7.9)

The kids are singing to Frederik to go get his Dannebrog, and, as we all know, there's nothing like being taunted in song. Here again, Teller gives us a bit of foreshadowing that shows us just how ugly things can get when you've got a group behind you to egg you on.

Quote #3

Something in Hussain seemed to have been destroyed. He went round dragging his feet with his head bowed, and whereas before he'd always dished out his fair share of knocks and shoves, now he wouldn't even defend himself if someone went for him. (12.7-8)

Hussain comes to school defeated after being beaten by his dad for being a bad Muslim, showing his classmates that there's far worse punishment than what they can dish out. This is one of several examples in Nothing (think Sofie's rape and Cinderella's beheading) of a scene that's even more chilling because you don't see it.

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