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by Janne Teller

Nothing Resources


Janne Teller Author Page

For those of you who like things official, check out her site.

Simon and Schuster

Nothing is on this webpage. Nothing.

Simon and Schuster Janne Teller Author Page

Wanna know Teller's favorite fictional villain? Look no further.

Articles and Interviews

Hungarian Literature Online

Janne Teller traveled all the way to Budapest for the International Book Festival, and all she got was this lousy t-shirt. Oops, we mean awesome interview.


Janne Teller Accepts Le Prix Libbylit

Big Deal Alert. Teller nabbed herself a prestigious French award in 2008, and we've got her acceptance speech for you.

K11 Janne Teller

Get the inside scoop on Teller's beliefs on literature, life, and love. Okay, those last two maybe not so much.

Reader-Made Book Trailer

Go make your own and see how it stacks up.


PEN American Center

Hear it from the horse's mouth. Or the author's.


Janne Teller

Glamour shot, anyone?


The original Danish cover of Nothing, with its original Danish title, Intet. Anyone else think the cover art's a bit creepy?

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