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by Janne Teller

Nothing Sacrifice Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #1

I knew it was going to come. And to be honest, that was probably why I tried to stop the whole affair. It would only be a matter of time before someone got around to my sandals. (5.22)

It's kind of odd that the kids who made small sacrifices in the beginning still joined in the fistfight at the end, right? We mean, what do they have to be so worked up about?

Quote #2

"Well, I'm most sorry," Lady William retorted with an indulgent air. "My diary is my life. If it may be sacrificed to the heap, then so may a certificate of adoption. Was it not our intention that the heap should be meaningful?" (7.24)

What would you prefer: for your classmates to read your diary, or to lose a finger? Tough call, we'd say. Shmoop's got some pretty embarrassing entries in our diary, which is why it's hidden under lock and key.

Quote #3

"Elise's baby brother," Otto finally announced, and it was like a gust of wind passed through the sawmill. (9.17)

Why does Agnes use the phrase "a gust of wind" to describe the feeling in the room? It has a ghosty feeling, to be sure, but maybe she's just being metaphorical—talking about the impact of Otto's request.

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