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Nothing Sex Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #1

I can hardly bring myself to tell what it was Sofie had to give up. It was something only a boy could think of, and it was so gross and repugnant that the rest of us almost all pleaded on her behalf. (13.1)

Note the word "almost" in this sentence. Pleading for mercy on Sofie would have meant going against the group, and Agnes just isn't willing to do that—even if it means being party to sexual violence.

Quote #2

So even though we had our doubts, it was eventually agreed that Huge Hans was going to help her lose it the following evening at the old sawmill. Four of the boys were to stay behind to lend a hand if necessary. The rest of us would be sent home to make sure we couldn't come to her rescue. (13.7)

"Lend a hand"? Hmm. That reminds us of Sofie's later threat to cut off Jon-Johan's entire hand if he won't give up his finger. That's some cruel irony right there.

Quote #3

Sofie was doing right to grin and bear it. There was definitely something that mattered in spite of everything, even if that something was something you had to lose. (13.14)

What are some other things you might have to lose in order for them to have meaning?

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