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by Notorious B.I.G.


Ready to Die Cover (1994)

The baby on the cover, a model hired for the job, turned 18 and graduated from high school in 2011.

Biggie, King of New York

Biggie's alter-ego, Frank White, was the protagonist in the 1990 crime film "King of New York."

Biggie Smalls portrait

Biggie himself points out in a few songs that he was a picked-on "fat kid" before he became a famous rapper. In most of his publicity, though, Biggie's size (6'3" and 300 lbs) appears to be a part of his confidence.

Biggie stencil

Celebrity art portraits can be boring—or, as in this case, they can be awesome.

Voletta Wallace with a portrait of her son

Biggie lived with his mom until he was 20, and loved her more than the world according to all accounts.

Biggie and Tupac with mutual friend Redman

Before the explosion of a manufactured rivalry between the two, Biggie and Tupac were friends. Biggie's associates continue to express respect and love for 'Pac in interviews.

Biggie and Tupac Wallpaper

We've got it on our computer screen… why shouldn't you?

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