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Nuada Silver-Hand

Nuada Silver-Hand

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Nuada Silver-Hand Photos

Thumbs Down
My vote on the Fomorians ruling Ireland—with my silver hand, of course. [Pictogram for providing additional information in a voting by Arne Nordmann, 12/16/2009]

Evil Balor
This looks a lot like the bad Balor, the one-eyed Cyclops that knocked the life out of me. Not cool. [The Cyclops by Odilon Redon, 1914]

My Playground
The entire Emerald Isle is my frolicking ground. Booya. [A map highlighting the four provinces of Ireland, 5/8/12]

T is for "Tuatha"
We rule Ireland—literally [John D. Batten, More Celtic Fairy Tales, 1894]

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