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Nuada Silver-Hand's Wall



Let's play chess. I bet I can beat you.

Who are you again?


I'm Lugh of the Long Arm. I'm half-de Danann, half-Fomorian.

That's a tough combo. Let's play!


Bwahahaha! I killed you, Nuada!


Not so fast, you evil dude. I'll avenge him and become the new king of Ireland.


Fine. But you owe me a French toast breakfast.

Uh, so sorry about this, but the Tuatha de Danann have decided that, since you don't have a real arm anymore, you can't be our king. No de Danann king can be "blemished."

What? What about my jubilee coming up? Who's going to honor me?

Dian Cecht

I'm sorry, man. I did my best with Miach.

Yeah, then you murdered him!

is chilling out at the king's palace at Tara, playing X-box.

Who's up for a game of one-on-one today?

I'll take you on.

I can beat you any day—even with a silver hand!

I thought you eventually got a new human hand again.

I did, but I keep the silver one just because it's pretty.

Dian Cecht

likes this.

is cooking himself an omelette. What should he put in it?

Mushrooms and cheese!

Beets and toad feet.

I like Hermes' suggestion a bit better…

Hey, stud. What's going on? I like your silver hand.

Hey... have we met?

I don't think so, but she's my wife, so no funny business!

No problem. I've got my hands full with the Irish lasses here.

Dian Cecht

What's upppp? Let's go skinnydipping.

Where? Also, why would we do that together?

Dian Cecht

No reason. Just asking. The whole Tuatha wants to do it.


Man, we've got to get together to practice Frisbee-golf for the Olympics.

I'm having trouble with my hand… it can be hard to toss a Frisbee for me.

is watching Law and Order: SVU. I love Benson and Stabler's chemistry!

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