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Number the Stars

Number the Stars


by Lois Lowry

Annemarie Johansen Timeline and Summary

  • One normal day, Annemarie and her friend Ellen are running a one-on-one race in Copenhagen, only to be stopped by some pretty scary soldiers.
  • That night, Annemarie thinks about how life has changed since the Nazis came. To make matters worse, she really misses her older sister, Lise, who died a few years earlier.
  • Annemarie is horrified to find out that the Jews—including her friend, Ellen—aren't safe in Copenhagen anymore.
  • Ellen spends the night at the Johansens'. When soldiers come to the house, Annemarie helps Ellen take off her Star of David necklace, and they pretend to be sisters. (Not too much of a stretch, actually!)
  • Annemarie travels with her mother, sister, and Ellen to visit her uncle Henrik. While she's at Henrik's house, she discovers that the funeral her mother and Henrik are having—for someone named Great-aunt Birte—is actually a cover for something else. She just doesn't know what.
  • Her uncle teaches her that sometimes it's better not to know things. If you know too much, you can be in danger.
  • Annemarie stands by as Peter (Lise's fiancé), her mother, and Henrik work to smuggle several Jews (including Ellen and her parents) out of the country. It's pretty scary stuff.
  • When Annemarie finds out that an important secret package didn't make it to Henrik, she volunteers to bring it to him. Enter major suspense.
  • After a scary run in with some Nazis and their dogs, she gets the package to her uncle. And, get this—she saves the day. Turns out the package was used to fool the Nazis' trained dogs, which were looking for the Jews Henrik had hidden on his boat.
  • Fast forward two years: the war is over, and Annemarie finds Ellen's necklace. Things are looking hopeful for our young heroine and her friend.