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Number the Stars

Number the Stars


by Lois Lowry

Number the Stars Resources


The Official Lois Lowry

We have to say, she seems like a pretty awesome lady. Excuse us while we go read every book she's ever written.

Interview With the Author

What inspires our author? "Dreams and daydreams, fantasies, memories, and imagination." Oh, and books. Read on for more fun tidbits.

Little Red Riding-Hood

Here you'll find a bunch of different versions of the story of Little Red Riding-Hood. We still like Annemarie's the best.

History Lesson

Want to know more about what was going on in Denmark during Annemarie's life? The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum website is on the job.

Movies or TV Productions

Number the Stars: The Movie

Hmmm. We're not sure we buy it, but fingers crossed.

Historical Documents

Lowry Talks Writing

Want to read more about our author and her writing process? Here you'll find some pretty revealing thoughts on her other super-famous young adult book, The Giver.


Decades after its publication, Number the Stars is still helping inspire young people everywhere. Check out this article that talks about one classroom's experience learning about the Holocaust.


Reading Rockets

Jump from this page to the Reading Rockets interview with Lowry, available at no cost at iTunes. Thank you Steve Jobs for giving us a VIP pass to our author's brain! (Scroll down to #7 to find Lowry's interview.)

The Goonies and Number the Stars, Together at Last

Listen to Sean Astin talk about his plans to make a movie version of Number the Stars. So far, no dice. But we're holding onto this video as proof!


Children's Book Radio

Listen as our lovely author talks about writing for kids.

Number the Stars Out Loud

Since there's still no movie, how about an audiobook?


The King

Remember the story of the king riding freely through Copenhagen? Well here he is, doing just that.

Cover Art

Check out this book cover from 2001—why do you think the Star of David necklace made it on there?

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