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Nymphs's Clique: Beauty Queens

There are a ton of different types of nymphs, who live in all kinds of different places, but they all have one thing in common: they're all drop-dead gorgeous. Like the rest of the members of this clique, the nymphs have been batting their eyes and flipping their hair for centuries.


Helen was said to be the most beautiful woman to ever strut her stuff through the world of Greek mythology. Some even say that at one point she was thought of as a full-fledged love or fertility goddess. Of course, her incredible beauty got her and a whole bunch of other people in a ton of trouble. (Ahem...Trojan War.)


If Helen was the most beautiful woman, Aphrodite was the most gorgeous goddess. Actually, it was kind of her job since she was the goddess of love, sex, and beauty. (P.S. When the Romans took over, Aphrodite came to be known as Venus. And yes, they named a sizzling planet after her!)


Astarte was the Phoenician goddess of fertility who came to earth as a falling star (fancy!). Her other job was to rule the souls of the dead, which appeared as stars in the night sky.


Freyja is the Norse goddess of sex and beauty. She's smokin' hot—like our lady Helen—and everyone wants to get with her. Enough said.


Moving on to the Babylonians. Ishtar was the beautiful Babylonian goddess of war and sex who also happened to rule the underworld. Bottom line: she was not a nice lady.


Ancient Mesopotamia had their beauty queen, too. Innana is the goddess of love, sex, and war. Hmmm, why do love and war go together so often?

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