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Nymphs Photos

Hylas' Lucky Day
Hylas had way more fun after he left Heracles for these lovely nereids. [Hylas and the Water Nymphs by Henrietta Rae, 1909]

Just Loungin'
Life is good for an oceanid. [Oceanides (Naïads of the Sea) by Gustave Dore, 1860-1869]

Tree Huggers
No doubt about it; dryads love their trees. [Dryad by Evelyn de Morgan, 1884-1885]

Surly Satyrs
Sometimes those Satyrs get a little too wild even for us. [Nymphs and Satyrs by Peter Paul Reubens, 1635]

The Maenads will tell you, Dionysus knows how to throw a party. [Bacchanal by Jean-Jaques Spoede, 1720-1730]