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Nymphs's Wall



Okay everybody! We've got to decide where the annual Nymph Conference is going to be this year.

The Hesperides

The sunset islands are always nice.

Too far! How about the Underworld?


Ugh, who wants to go all the way down there?


Well, it'd be nice for those of us who are dead.

For real.

The Lampades

Or for those of us who live down here all the time...


Ladies, it's just too depressing. Why don't we have it in the ocean?

The Dryads

No way! Who's going to look after our forests if we go all the way down there?


Ladies, ladies, ladies... let me settle this by graciously hosting you. My satyrs and I will make you feel quite welcome.


"Welcome," he says.

I really wish all my sister nereids would stop avoiding me.

No comment?

I know I'm a big ugly sea monster now, but I don't deserve this.



Circe and Glaucus did this to me. It isn't my fault!


Tonight I will eat nereid chowder.


And you wonder why we don't invite you.

I'd like to call for a moment of silence in honor of Syrinx, one of my Pleiades who met an untimely transformation thanks to the lust of Pan.


Hey, I miss her, too! I think about her every day.

Don't post here, you awful creature.


I play a song every night in her honor.

On the flute you made from the reeds she transformed into to escape you.


A fitting tribute.

You hacked her apart and turned her into an instrument!


Well, you shot me with an arrow, mistress. So, don't act all high and mighty.

Unlike Syrinx, you betrayed your vows of chastity.


I thought it was you! Zeus took your form to seduce me!


Good one, Zeus.

likes this.

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