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O Valencia!
O Valencia!
by The Decemberists
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O Valencia! Books

Colin Meloy, Let It Be, 33 1/3 series (2004)

For the 33 1/3 book series, where a classic indie/alternative/underground album is discussed at length by an author who was profoundly affected by it, Meloy wrote about The Replacements' Let It Be. This might be a good read if you want to know more about a record that had a huge influence on The Decemberists' songwriter-in-chief.

Colin Meloy, Wildwood: The Wildwood Chronicles, Book I (2011)

Meloy's first widely published work of fiction is a book for kids. It's about a small girl who has to rescue her brother from a group of crows who have abducted him and taken him in the wilderness outside Portland, OR.

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