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Ode to My Socks

Ode to My Socks


by Pablo Neruda

Ode to My Socks Resources


Heeeeere's Pablo!

Check out everything you ever wanted to know about Neruda, but were afraid to ask.

Hometown Boy Makes Good

Here's the Pablo Neruda Foundation, run by the poet's surviving family.

Maru's Inspirational Effects

Maru Vargas de Mori was her husband, painter Camilo Mori's, muse. Check out this site to see his work.

In Defense of Socks as Gifts

The San Francisco Examiner claims they're not that bad…


If These Socks Could Talk…

These Spanish-speaking, subtitled socks, recite the poem.

The Re-enactment

Watch the action version of the poem here.


Inspiring Sock-wearers the World Over

Robert Bly, the poet, talks about how Neruda inspires his work and reads "Ode to My Socks" starting around minute 25:00.

Neruda's Voice

Listen to Neruda's famous, distinctive style as he reads the poem in Spanish.

Not Socks, but Salt

Listen to Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Philip Levine read another one of Neruda's elemental odes, the "Ode to Salt."


Dusty, but Beautiful

Here's the cover of the first edition of Nuevas Odas Elementales in Spanish.

A Poet's Face

Here's a pic of the author.

Shepherd's Hands and All

Here's a photo of Maru Mori, the knitter herself.

Maru Vargas de Mori was her husband, Camilo Mori's, muse.

Check out this portrait he painted of her.

Articles and Interviews

Talking to the Man

Here's an interview with the poet, originally conducted in French.

Pre-Pablo Pablo

Neruda's childhood neighbor talks about the poet as a kid.

It Was the Butler!

Even though he died almost 40 years ago, some still suspect that the author was poisoned as part of a military coup. The investigation continues…


A Bilingual Treat

This book has odes from all four of Neruda's books of odes, in both Spanish and English.

The Real Thing

The original Spanish version of the poem is in this book.

Movies & TV

Learning from the Master

In this famous Italian movie, a postman learns to write love poetry for his girlfriend from Neruda himself.

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