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Odysseus (Ulysses) Sightings

  • The Iliad by Homer 801BC - 702BC

    Odysseus is a man with a plan in Homer's epic recounting of the Trojan War.

  • The Odyssey by Homer 801BC - 601BC

    This epic poem is all Odysseus all the time.

  • Rheus by Euripides 451BC

    Sneaky Odysseus helps assassinate the title character in this tragedy.

  • Ajax by Sophocles 441BC

    When Odysseus is awarded the armor of fallen Achilles in this ancient drama, Ajax goes totally haywire.

  • Hecuba by Euripides

    Our hero makes an appearance in this tragedy about the Queen of Troy.

  • Philoctetes by Sophocles 410BC

    This time, Odysseus has to win the help of a man he abandoned on a desert island.

  • The Cyclopes by Euripides 409BC

    In this uniquely surviving satyr play, Euripides turns the story of Odysseus's blinding the cannibalistic Cyclops, Polyphemus, into an R-rated comedy.

  • Metamorphoses by Ovid 2

    Odysseus's contest with Ajax and his affair with Circe are given the Roman treatment in Ovid's epic poem.

  • The Inferno by Dante Alighieri 1301 - 1400

    According to Dante, Odysseus belongs in the 8th circle of Hell for his deceiving ways.

  • "Ulysses" by Lord Alfred Tennyson 1883

    Odysseus decides he's got to go adventuring again in this 19th-century poem.

  • "Circe's Power" by Louise Glück 1996

    Check out Circe's version of her affair with Odysseus. Yowza.

  • The Odyssey 1999

    The epic poem was transformed into an epic TV series.

  • Hercules 1999

    Odysseus makes a cameo in Disney's animated version of the adventures of young Heracles.

  • Troy 2004

    Odysseus is just one hero among many in this star-studded Hollywood blockbuster.

  • Marvel Illustrated: The Odyssey 2008

    And of course, Marvel's got you covered with their digital comic version of Odysseus's greatest adventure.

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