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The Odyssey Book 3 Quotes

How we cite the quotes:

Nestor > Agamemnon

Quote 1

(Nestor:) 'The will of the everlasting gods is not turned suddenly.' (3.147)

It's hard to change a god's mind—but it sounds like Nestor is suggesting that it can be changed. Maybe if you sacrifice enough ram thighs.


Quote 2

(Nestor:) ‘Never once did the wind fail, once the god had set it blowing.’ (3.182-183)

Nestor credits Menelaos’s safe journey home to the will of the Gods.

Quote 3

They came to Pylos, Neleus’ strong-founded citadel, where the people on the shore of the sea were making sacrifice of bulls who were all black to the dark-haired Earthshaker. There were nine settlements of them, and in each five hundred holdings, and from each of these nine bulls were provided. (3.4-8)

The residents show their piety by holding ritual sacrifices to their patron god, Poseidon. Their piety implicitly renders Nestor, ruler of this land, a trustworthy friend for Telemachos.

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