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The Odyssey

The Odyssey


by Homer

The Odyssey Suffering Quotes

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Quote #22

(Penelope:) 'How I wish chaste Artemis would give me a death so soft, and now, so I would not go on in my heart grieving all my life, and longing for love of a husband excellent in every virtue, since he stood out among the Achaians.' (18.202-205)

You have to admit, it'd be pretty hard to resign yourself to remarrying if your first husband was the godlike Odysseus.

Quote #23

He spoke, and the black cloud of sorrow closed on Laertes. In both hands he caught up the grimy dust and poured it over his face and grizzled head, groaning incessantly. The spirit rose up in Odysseus, and now in his nostrils there was a shock of bitter force as he looked on his father. He sprang to him and embraced and kissed and then said to him: 'Father, I am he, the man you ask about.' (24.315-321)

Proper burial was super important to the Ancient Greeks including ritualized hair-tearing and dust-bathing. It may seem over the top to us, but Laertes's grief just helps us see what a good dad he is.

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