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Interview with Oedipus

The following was found on one of those websites where you ask a question and random people provide answers. You have to be careful with these, because you never know who's answering. But we found the following interchange to be pretty informative.

Just_wondering: What was Oedipus' tragic flaw?

King_Laius_Is_Cool: Anger! He killed me! His very own father! Hit me in the head with a stick.

beatthesphinx65: You attacked me first, Dad.

King_Laius_Is_Cool: Why didn't you just get out of the way?

beatthesphinx65: Why didn't you?

King_Laius_Is_Cool: I was the King of Thebes!

beatthesphinx65: I was the Prince of Corinth!

King_Laius_Is_Cool: King trumps prince. So there! Nah, nah, nah...

beatthesphinx65: You didn't even bother to tell me you were a king. I didn't have any idea who you were. Maybe if you hadn't abandoned me at birth and stuck a pin through my ankles, none of this would've happened.

King_Laius_Is_Cool: The Oracle said you were going to kill me and sleep with your mother. What was I supposed to do?

beatthesphinx65: Maybe, you could've... oh, I don't know... never conceived me to begin with. Seriously, what is wrong with you? If you knew that was the prophecy, then why did you ever have a kid?

King_Laius_Is_Cool: Your mother is an alluring woman.

Eros: He knows that already! lol ☺


Hooked_on_fumes: This conversation is absurd. Clearly, Oedipus' tragic flaw is pride. He thought himself superior to the gods and tried to avoid his fate. When I, the magnificent Oracle of Delphi, told him of his destiny, he tried to escape by not returning to the king and queen of Corinth, who he thought were his parents. The gods laughed, however, for by not returning to the place he called home, he inevitably fulfilled his fate.

beatthesphinx65: Does anybody else think that the Oracle of Delphi caused way more trouble than it was worth?

Hooked_on_fumes: Blasphemer! You paid for your hubris, didn't you?! Foul, repugnant man.

beatthesphinx65: What was I supposed to do exactly? March straight back to the people who I thought were my parents, chop up Dad, and hop in bed with Mom?

Hooked_on_fumes: Everything you do is what the Fates have outlined for you. Everything you do is what you're supposed to do.


Hooked_on_fumes: I don't get it.

beatthesphinx65: If everything I did was fated to begin with, then how am I to blame for any of it? Especially since I had no idea what I was doing the entire time I was doing it. Shouldn't the Fates be the ones that everybody's grossed out by? They're the ones who thought up my twisted life.

Antigone: Everybody needs to leave my dad alone! He saved Thebes from the Sphinx. How come nobody ever talks about that? He solved her riddle, and she threw herself from a cliff! He won the right to be king of Thebes, and he was good at it! He's a good man and an awesome king!

CreonKingKING: It wasn't so awesome when all his shenanigans caused that awful plague.

Antigone: Shut up, Creon. You really are a pimple on the earth. When the Oracle said that the guy who killed Laius was causing the plague, my dad put on his detective hat and didn't stop investigating until he found out the truth. When he discovered he was the cause of it all, he was so sorry that he'd brought suffering on those around him that he gouged out his own eyes and exiled himself with only me to guide him.

beatthesphinx65: I'm sorry I dragged you into my mess of a life, sweet Antigone.

Antigone: You know what, Dad? I think your only flaw is that you say sorry too much. Life is messed up. We live how we live it. There's no need to apologize.

Riddlecat: That's right. And if you happen to be a giant lion creature with the head of a woman who likes to snack on people who don't get her riddles, then that's A-okay.

Antigone: Well, maybe some of us should apologize.

[Note: For a ton more steamy details on Oedipus, check out what Sophocles had to say.]

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