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Oedipus Photos

    Shepherds are Busybodies
    Why couldn't this dude just let me die? If you see a baby abandoned on a mountain, there's probably a good reason for it. Wait, that came out wrong. [The Child Oedipus Brought Back to Life by the Shepherd Phorbas by Antoine-Denis Chaudet, 1801]

    Me and the Sphinx
    The real riddle is, who the Hades is the guy in the background? [Oedipus and the Sphinx by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, 1808]

    The Sphinx Gets Frisky
    Maybe, I should've married her. It would've been a lot less trouble. [Oedipus and the Sphinx by Gustave Moreau, 1920]

    A Bad Day
    Yeah, things got a little dramatic when the truth came out. [Blind Oedipus Commending His Children to the Gods by Bénigne Gagneraux, 1784]

    Best Daughter Ever
    How did I get so lucky as to have a daughter like Antigone? [Oedipus and Antigone by Antoni Brodowski, 1828]

    Ungrateful Citizens
    After all I did for the people of Thebes, they had to be total jerks to me. I didn't mean to cause a plague! I didn't know what I'd done! [Oedipus and Antigone by Charles Francois Jalabert, 1842]

    At Colonus
    Colonus was a good place to die. I guess. [Oedipus at Colonus by Fulchran-Jean Harriet, 1798]