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Candy Timeline and Summary

  • Candy meets George and Lennie.
  • Candy tells George all about the people that work on the ranch: who’s who and what’s what and who’s what.
  • Candy is hurt and scared when Carlson suggests shooting his dog, but he has to give in because Slim agrees with this idea.
  • Candy lies on his bunk and Carlson goes outside and shoots Candy’s old, much-loved, and smelly dog.
  • Candy overhears George relating the dream farm story and asks if he can be a part of it. He offers George 300 dollars, which was a lot of cash in those days.
  • Candy goes to Crooks’s room and finds him talking to Lennie.
  • When Curley’s wife shows up and insults the three of them, Candy tells her that they are going to have their own farm. She scoffs and they argue and hurl epithets (a great word for bad names) at each other. Curley’s wife has the final word.
  • Candy finds Curley’s wife in the barn – dead.
  • Candy runs and finds George.
  • Candy and George try to decide what to do about Lennie.
  • Candy thinks Curley’s wife’s death is her own fault.
  • Candy tells the other men about Curley’s wife.
  • Candy is left in the barn, weeping bitterly and alone as the other men go off to find Lennie.