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Crooks Timeline and Summary

  • Crooks comes by the bunkhouse to tell Slim that Lennie is petting the puppies too much.
  • Crooks is in his room rubbing ointment on his injured back when Lennie comes in.
  • Crooks tries to tell Lennie that he shouldn’t be in his room, but Lennie doesn’t understand.
  • When Lennie tries to hang out with Crooks, Crooks thinks about how nice is it to talk to someone, but he also remembers how mistreated he’s been and takes this out on Lennie, an easy target.
  • Crooks cruelly tells Lennie that George might not come back from town.
  • Crooks tries to take this statement back when he sees how big and scary Lennie actually is.
  • Crooks is secretly pleased by Candy’s appearance in his room.
  • Crooks shyly suggests that he would like to live on the dream farm.
  • Crooks is not pleased (secretly or otherwise) by Curley’s wife’s presence in his room.
  • Crooks tells Curley’s wife that she should leave.
  • Crooks retreats when she threatens to have him lynched.
  • Crooks retreats even further when George appears, unhappy about Crooks’s knowledge of the dream farm.