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Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men


by John Steinbeck

Slim Timeline and Summary

  • Slim comes into the bunkhouse and meets George and Lennie.
  • Slim has given one of his pups to Lennie, unfortunately signing that puppy’s death warrant.
  • Slim talks to George about why he is with Lennie. He recognizes that Lennie is just like a kid and not mean-intentioned at all.
  • Slim says that Carlson should be allowed to shoot Candy’s dog. He (sensitively) reminds Carlson to take a shovel and bury the thing.
  • Slim goes out to the barn.
  • Slim comes back to the bunkhouse. Curley has been accusing Slim of messing around with his wife, so Slim is not too happy.
  • He takes control of the situation once Lennie crushes Curley’s hand, and decides what should be done.
  • It is not explicitly stated whether or not Slim goes to the brothel, but we assume that he does.
  • Slim plays horseshoes with the guys.
  • Slim sees Curley’s wife dead in the barn.
  • Slim suggests that Curley stay with his wife instead of going on a manhunt. Curley is too filled with self-righteous anger to pay any attention to this wise suggestion.
  • Slim tells George that it would be bad if Lennie got locked up like an animal.
  • Slim takes care of George after the shooting, and reassures him that he did the right and necessary thing.
  • Slim takes George to get a drink.