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Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Oh, the Places You'll Go!


by Dr. Seuss

Oh, the Places You'll Go! Stanzas 18-19 Summary

You Can Check Out Anytime You Like, But You Can Never Leave

  • Your child is now surrounded by people who wait for things to happen to them, rather than happening themselves. And some of them are doing it with very bad posture. What a way to live. Just waiting.
  • Wow, check out the repetition throughout these two passages. 
  • In the first stanza we have six lines that rhyme, sandwiched by "waiting" both at the beginning of each line and by two bigger lines at the beginning and end. 
  • In the second stanza, we've got triplets followed by two couplets (something we wouldn't wish on any parent) followed by all that waiting again. 
  • But is it really surprising that there's so much repetition in a place where each passing minute looks so much like the one that came before? Nothing is going anywhere, so why should the rhyme?
  • Yes, that's how good Seuss is. That's how good.
  • Lastly, can we just point out: dude even rhymes "pants" with "chance." Now that's a great rhyme if we've ever seen one.

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