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The Old Man and the Sea

The Old Man and the Sea


Ernest Hemingway

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The Old Man and the Sea Hunger Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #4

He also drank a cup of shark liver oil each day from the big drum in the shack where many of the fishermen kept their gear. It was there for all fishermen who wanted it. Most fishermen hated the taste. But it was no worse than getting up at the hours that they rose and it was very good against all colds and grippes and it was good for the eyes. (2.46)

Eating is an unpleasant but necessary activity for the old man, rather than a pleasure. It is his means to strength.

Quote #5

No one should be alone in their old age, he thought. But it is unavoidable. I must remember to eat the tuna before he spoils in order to keep strong. Remember, no matter how little you want to, that you must eat him in the morning. Remember, he said to himself. (2.88)

The man hungers for company rather than food.

Quote #6

There is no sense in being anything but practical though, he thought. I wish I had some salt. And I do not know whether the sun will rot or dry what is left, so I had better eat it all although I am not hungry. The fish is calm and steady. I will eat it all and then I will be ready. (3.41)

The old man believes he must consume one fish to be ready to do battle with another. There is a cyclical nature to his thinking that extends his fishing activities into the future.

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