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The Old Man and the Sea

The Old Man and the Sea


by Ernest Hemingway

Reading Quizzes

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Sample of Reading Quizzes

Day 1


1. What is the old man's dilemma?
2. Who accompanies the old man for forty days?
3. What does the old man look like?
4. What do the boy and old man do at the Terrace?
5. What does the boy remember about his first outing with Santiago?
6. What is Santiago's plan for the following day?
7. What does the boy plan to catch for the old man?
8. What do the old man and boy take from the boat?
9. What does the old man's house look like?
10. What "fiction" do the old man and boy go through every day regarding the cast net?
11. Where does Santiago read about baseball?
12. What team does Santiago root for?
13. Why does the boy need to borrow two and a half dollars?
14. What is the old man doing when the boy returns?
15. How are the old man's shoulders described?
16. What does the boy bring back for the old man?

17. What do the old man and boy discuss as they eat?
18. What famous person does Santiago want to take fishing?
19. What compliment does the boy give Santiago?
20. What does Santiago dream about?


1. He has gone for a long time (84 days) without catching a fish.
2. A boy
3. Thin and gaunt, with blotchy skin and scars on his hands
4. Drink beer and watch the other fishermen
5. He remembers the whole boat shivering when Santiago threw him into the bow and clubbed the fish to death. He also remembers the sweet smell of the blood.
6. To go out before it's light and come back when the wind shifts
7. Sardines
8. The mast, the sail, the harpoon, and other equipment
9. It is a small, sparsely furnished shack made of palm.
10. The boy asks to take the cast net, and the old man says, "Of course." However, there is no cast net because they sold it.
11. In the newspaper
12. The Yankees
13. To buy a lottery ticket
14. Sleeping in his chair
15. Strange but still powerful
16. Supper
17. Baseball
18. DiMaggio
19. He tells him that he is the greatest fisherman.
20. Places he had seen in Africa, lions on the beach