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The Old Man and the Sea

The Old Man and the Sea


by Ernest Hemingway

The old man, or Santiago Timeline and Summary

  • The old man hasn’t caught a fish in 84 days.
  • He sits on the terrace with Manolin.
  • They reminisce.
  • He and Manolin pretend to have dinner and talk about baseball.
  • The old man falls asleep.
  • He is woken by the boy and they eat.
  • The old man talks about the lions in Africa.
  • He dreams about the lions.
  • He wakes up and then wakes the boy.
  • He sets out on the fishing trip.
  • The old man muses on skill being better than luck, and the quality of his eyes.
  • He watches the sea turtles and jellyfish and characterizes them.
  • He catches a tuna and uses it for bait.
  • The old man talks to himself
  • He hooks the marlin.
  • The agony of holding on to the fish lasts overnight.
  • He recollects having hooked a female marlin when her companion was there.
  • He wishes the boy were there.
  • The old man hooks another fish and cuts it loose (no time to deal with that now).
  • The old man muses a lot about the fish, how he wishes he could see it, how it is his brother, etc.
  • The fish surges and cuts the old man below the eye with the line.
  • Another night passes.
  • The old man feels he really ought to eat the disgusting and raw tuna.
  • The old man gets a cramp in his hand.
  • He believes a man is never alone at sea.
  • He wishes the boy were there again.
  • He gets excited because the fish is jumping.
  • The old man is overwhelmed by the fish’s size.
  • The old man prays.
  • The old man talks about the lions.
  • He compares himself to DiMaggio.
  • He recalls the arm wrestling in Casablanca.
  • He hooks a dolphin and clubs it over the head. If only the marlin had gone that easily...
  • His cramp goes away.
  • He looks at the stars and does what most people do when they look at stars: muses on them.
  • He forces himself to eat some food.
  • He takes a nap and dreams about the lions and is happy, or as happy as one can be when staying in Hotel Agony by the Sea.
  • He is woken up by a sudden jerk from the fish.
  • He forces himself to eat again.
  • He harpoons the fish to death. Yay.
  • The old man is nervous about the blood in the water as he heads home.
  • He harpoons the first shark to death, but loses the harpoon in the process.
  • He ties a knife to the oar tip for a weapon.
  • He muses on whether or not it was a sin to kill the marlin.
  • More sharks come. These are the stupid kind.
  • He kills them, but they take a big chunk of dead marlin with them.
  • His body starts to fail him as he tries to club the following sharks to death.
  • He makes it home with the skeleton of the fish and heads to bed, resting on the way.
  • He wakes and chills out with the boy. They talk about the extravaganza.
  • He asks for the newspapers.
  • He gives the fish head to Pedrico.
  • He dreams about the lions.