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The Old Man and the Sea

The Old Man and the Sea


by Ernest Hemingway

The boy, or Manolin Timeline and Summary

  • The boy loves the old man and wants to help him out.
  • He sits on the terrace with the old man.
  • They reminisce.
  • He offers to buy sardines for the old man.
  • He and the old man pretend to have dinner and talk about baseball.
  • Manolin goes out to buy sardines.
  • The boy comes back and waits for the old man to wake up so they can eat.
  • They eat.
  • The boy leaves.
  • He is woken by the boy.
  • The boy helps the old man carry his gear, and then wishes him luck.
  • The fish circles and gets harpooned by the old man.
  • Manolin sees the old man when he has come back and cries.
  • He brings the old man coffee and they talk about the last few days.
  • He cries again.