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Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist


by Charles Dickens

Oliver Twist Chapter 36 Summary

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"Is a Very Short One, and May Appear of no Great Importance in its Place, but it Should be Read Notwithstanding, as a Sequel to the Last, and as a Key to One that Will Follow When its Time Arrives"

  • Harry leaves the cottage with Mr. Losberne, who comments on the fact that Harry’s changed his mind about whether to stay or to go several times.
  • Harry says that he’s not hurrying away because any of the "great nobs" (i.e., rich people, including his uncle) have written to him, but because he just has to. For some reason. He doesn’t really give a definite reason.
  • Harry asks Oliver to write to him regularly to give him all the updates on the family (especially Rose)—and not to tell Mrs. Maylie or Rose that he’s doing so. Oliver’s happy to show off his newly acquired ability to write, so he agrees.
  • Mr. Losberne and Harry leave (Mr. Giles stays behind).
  • Rose watches them go from her window, and says that she’s pleased that Harry seems to have left in a good mood, but sighs and looks sad anyway.
READ THE BOOK: Chapter 36

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