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Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist


by Charles Dickens

Oliver Twist Chapter 41 Summary

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"Containing Some Fresh Discoveries, and Showing that Surprises, Like Misfortunes, Seldom Come Alone"

  • Rose doesn’t know what to do, but she really, really wants to save Nancy from her life in the streets.
  • The Maylies are planning on staying in London for only three days on their way to the seashore, and Rose doesn’t know how to deal with the information Nancy’s given her in only that time.
  • She doesn’t want to tell Mr. Losberne, because he’s too impetuous (remember how he jumped out of the carriage and banged on the door of the thieves’ house, just because Oliver said he thought it was the same one?).
  • And she doesn’t want to tell Mrs. Maylie, because Mrs. Maylie would immediately tell Mr. Losberne.
  • Rose thinks about asking Harry, but doesn’t want to ask him for help when she’s just rejected him. Seems like bad form.
  • She finally decides that asking Harry is the best option, when Oliver comes in, all smiles, saying that Mr. Brownlow is back from the West Indies.
  • Rose decides to tell Mr. Brownlow all about it, and offers to take Oliver to see him herself.
  • They take off right away, and Rose goes in first to tell Mr. Brownlow that they’d found Oliver.
  • Mr. Brownlow is sitting in his study with Mr. Grimwig, and Rose tells them that she has news about Oliver.
  • Mr. Grimwig assumes that it’s bad news, of course.
  • Rose assures them that Oliver’s a great kid—the best boy in the world—and that he’s downstairs waiting.
  • Mr. Brownlow is delighted, and immediately runs out to see the best boy in the world.
  • Mr. Grimwig thinks Rose is just peachy, so he takes this moment to plant a big wet one on her cheek. He excuses himself by saying that he’s old enough to be her grandpa, and that she’s a good girl and he likes her.
  • Rose thinks he’s kind of odd, but doesn’t say so.
  • Mr. Brownlow comes back in with Oliver, and Mr. Grimwig is happy to see him, too.
  • Mrs. Bedwin comes in, and they all cry over each other some more.
  • After everyone’s done crying, Rose takes Mr. Brownlow to the next room to tell him what Nancy had said.
  • Mr. Brownlow says that he’ll tell Mr. Losberne and Mrs. Maylie all of it, and keep Mr. Losberne from doing anything stupid or rash.
  • Mr. Losberne, when finds out about it, does indeed want to go raid Fagin’s house, but Mr. Brownlow persuades him to chill.
  • Their main goal, Mr. Brownlow points out, is to figure out who Oliver’s parents were, and to get his inheritance back from his evil brother.
  • Mr. Losberne still thinks they should try to get the thieves all hanged or transported, but Mr. Brownlow points out that they can’t do that without breaking Rose’s promise to Nancy. And besides, they’ll probably all get themselves hanged or transported soon enough, anyway.
  • Harry Maylie and Mr. Grimwig get added to the committee, and filled in on what’s going on.
  • So now everyone knows about Monks and the big plot against Oliver except for Oliver.
  • Mr. Brownlow says that he was out of the country on business that is still up in the air, so he won’t tell them about it until it’s all squared away.
  • Then they go out to supper and rejoin Oliver, who probably thinks they’re all conspiring against him or something.
READ THE BOOK: Chapter 41

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