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Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist


by Charles Dickens

Nancy Timeline and Summary

  • Nancy appears when she meets Oliver at Fagin’s house, soon after they pick him up.
  • She agrees to go snoop around the magistrate’s office, disguised as Oliver’s sister, in order to find out where he’s been taken.
  • She discovers that he’s at Mr. Brownlow’s.
  • Happening to run into Oliver when he’s out on an errand for Mr. Brownlow, she and Sikes kidnap him and take him back to Fagin’s.
  • She jumps to Oliver’s defense when Fagin starts to beat him, and seems to feel conflicted and guilty about her own role in bringing him there.
  • She eavesdrops on a conversation between Monks and Fagin about Oliver.
  • She goes to visit Rose Maylie, and entrusts her with the information, but only after asking Rose to promise never to use the information to have Fagin, Sikes, or any other member of the gang arrested.
  • Rose offers her a comfortable home far away from London, but Nancy refuses – she’s too in love with Sikes and can’t leave him, even though he’s terrible to her.
  • After learning more about the plot against Oliver, she tries to meet Rose Maylie on London Bridge, but Sikes prevents her.
  • The next week, she’s able to make it, and tells Mr. Brownlow and Rose the latest.
  • She refuses again the offer of a safe place far away from the criminal life she’s led up until now.
  • Sikes finds out about it from Fagin and Noah, and murders her.