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On My First Son

On My First Son


by Ben Jonson

On My First Son Resources


Ben Jonson, Set to Music

Here's a Ben Jonson site that plays music and contains a number of links.

Ben Jonson: The Man, the Legend

This is a short biography about the poet with links to purchase and read his works.

Ben Jonson: Also, the Playwright

Check out a discussion of Jonson that focuses on his plays.

Ben Jonson: A Grave of His Own

Dig (sorry) this info at the poet's grave's website.

Jonson at Westminster (the Abbey, not the Dog Show)

Here's Jonson's page at the Westminster Abbey website.

Fonts of the Renaissance

Try your hand at Jonson's style. You can download fonts that will make your writing look like something written during the sixteenth and seventeenth century.



Check out the University of Delaware's men's chorus performing the poem.

In the Closet

Here's a fellow wearing a hoodie and reading the poem in what looks to be a walk-in closet.

Powerpoint Madness

Here's a British kid discussing the poem, with some wild visual aids.



A young person reads the poem, but not with much enthusiasm.


This version is a tad more…dramatic.


Dig the Beard

Here's a famous painting of Ben Jonson.

Good Marks for Penmanship

Here's a page from a manuscript showing Jonson's handwriting.

A Grave Sight

Check out Jonson's burial place in Westminster Abbey (it says "O rare Ben Jonson").

Articles and Interviews

Who's Speaking?

Check out this great article by famous poet Robert Pinksy. In it, he discusses the role of the speaker in "On My First Son."

Ben Jonson: The Father

In this article, a scholar reflects on the theme of fatherhood in this poem.


Ben Jonson: A Life

Here's a biography by scholar Ian Donaldson.

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