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On the Road

On the Road


by Jack Kerouac

Carlo Marx Timeline and Summary

  • Carlo meets Dean and they have a strong connection.
  • Carlo calls Sal (who is in Denver) to tell him what the deal is with Dean.
  • He and Dean have been taking Benzedrine and trying to connect with each other’s souls.
  • He is forced to hide from Camille, who doesn’t like him.
  • He takes drugs and tries to soul-connect to Dean while Sal watches.
  • Carlo was with Dean in a stolen car in Central City.
  • Carlo shows up with the gang in the East, having spent some time in Dakar getting even more spiritual and condescending.
  • He interrogates the gang before they leave, wanting to know reasons behind all their actions.
  • Carlo’s voice is dubbed "The Voice of the Rock."
  • It is hinted at that Carlo may have tried to get into bed with Dean and Marylou.