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On the Road

On the Road


by Jack Kerouac

Ed Dunkel Timeline and Summary

  • Ed shows up in New York with Dean and Marylou.
  • He, Dean, Sal, and Marylou drive furniture to Sal’s brother’s new house.
  • He, Dean, Sal, and Marylou wash dishes to pay for their food.
  • Ed tells the story of New Year’s Eve when he saw his dead mother.
  • He is unable to explain his decisions to Carlo before they leave for New Orleans.
  • Ed reveals another vision, but this time it’s his own ghost on the sidewalk.
  • Ed offers to go to jail rather than pay a fine when they are pulled over for Dean’s atrocious driving.
  • Ed arrives in New Orleans along with Sal, Marylou, and Dean.
  • He gets back together with Galatea.
  • He and Dean teach Sal how to hop freight trains.