On the Road
On the Road
by Jack Kerouac
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On the Road Madness Quotes Page 17

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Quote #49

He couldn’t talk any more. He hopped and laughed, he stuttered and fluttered his hands and said, "Ah - ah - you must listen to hear." We listened, all ears. But he forgot what he wanted to say. "Really listen - ahem. Look, dear Sal - sweet Laura - I’ve come - I’m gone - but wait - ah yes." And he stared with rocky sorrow into his hands. "Can’t talk no more - do you understand that it is - or might be - But listen!" We all listened. He was listening to sounds in the night. "Yes!" he whispered with awe. "But you see - no need to talk any more - and further." (V.1.5)

While Dean’s madness at first makes him talk to excess, it eventually stifles his speech.

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