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On the Road

On the Road


by Jack Kerouac

Old Bull Lee Timeline and Summary

  • Bull calls Sal’s Aunt’s house, telling Sal, Dean, and Ed to get over to New Orleans and take care of Galatea.
  • Bull’s history is revealed, which details his knowledge, his role as a teacher, his penchant for drugs and new experiences, and his love for Shakespeare and Mayan Codices.
  • He smokes marijuana with the rest of the gang.
  • He shows off his gun collection.
  • His relationship with his wife is detailed as close and soulful.
  • We meet his children.
  • Bull takes the gang to a bunch of crappy bars to demonstrate that bars these days are no good.
  • He psychoanalyzes Dean and decides that Dean is headed for disaster.
  • He tells Sal that he ought to stay in New Orleans rather than continue on with Dean.
  • Bull shoots up in the bathroom.
  • He has fun throwing knives at a wooden target.
  • Bull loses money at the racetrack and berates himself for not realizing the importance of Sal’s vision of his dead father.
  • He shoots up in the bathroom again.