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On the Road

On the Road


by Jack Kerouac

On the Road Part 1, Chapter 10 Summary

  • Turns out Dean and Carlo were in Central City on the same night, chilling out in a hot ride, and by that we mean a stolen car.
  • Dean sets Sal up with a girl, and Sal asks his aunt for more money.
  • The girl is named Rita, and Sal gets all pumped up about showing her a good time, until he gets a little too pumped up and ends things early (read: premature ejaculation). Also she was a virgin – you know, before.
  • Afterwards there’s some pillow talk. Sal is excited and wants to talk – he has ideas, vitality, questions – but she’s tired and kind of boring.
  • Sal expounds on the crappiness of the whole men and women thing, saying there’s too much sex without the right kind of talking "about souls." He still thinks the world is sad.
  • They bum around Larimer Street, and every time they see a homeless man they think that it might be Dean’s father.
  • Sal decides that everything will be OK once he gets to the West.
  • Carlo Marx reads his "apocalyptic, mad poetry."
  • Sal gets his shirt back from Eddie.
  • Sal realizes that, in all his excitement to see Dean, he actually only talked to him for about five minutes. All that sex just got in the way.

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