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On the Road

On the Road


by Jack Kerouac

On the Road Part 1, Chapter 12 Summary

  • Sal leaves. Everything will be OK once he gets south. SO he hitches a ride. What else is new.
  • He sees a Mexican girl at the bus station that he wants to sleep with. Again, what else is new.
  • But this time, she’s on his bus heading to L.A., so he plucks up the courage to hit on her. They have major connections, hand-holding, and wanting of sex. And her name is Teresa, or possibly Terry.
  • Sal gets paranoid, figuring there’s no reason in the world this girl wants to have sex with him, so it must be that this is a scam and the man sitting behind them in the diner (they’re off the bus and in LA, by the way) is her pimp.
  • They get to a hotel room and she’s all ready to go, but Sal needs to go get whisky first.
  • Sal screws it up by mentioning a six-foot-tall redheaded woman back in New York.
  • Then she thinks Sal is a pimp, just like he thought she was a hustler. Oh, jeez.
  • They make up, have sex, and fall asleep. In that order.

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