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On the Road

On the Road


by Jack Kerouac

On the Road Part 2, Chapter 10 Summary

  • Sal and Marylou get a hotel room on credit, but Sal is disappointed at Dean for leaving them without money or resources.
  • They have no food, just whisky.
  • Turns out Marylou isn’t really into Sal, she just wanted to get at Dean through him. Which is so middle school.
  • Sal reveals a dream where a big snake (Satan) eats everything in sight, and is then destroyed by a saint named Dr. Sax via some secret herbs. Also the snake might just be a bunch of peace-bearing doves in disguise.
  • Marylou disappears with another man. Because, according to Sal, she’s a "whore."
  • Sal is nearly delirious with hunger, and has a vision that a woman he passed is his "mother of about 200 years ago in England."
  • The mother vision scolds him for his ways. His vision gets more vision-y, interweaving time, angels, his other visions, and death. Pretty mind-blowing stuff here.

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