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On the Road

On the Road


by Jack Kerouac

On the Road Part 2, Chapter 5 Summary

  • Sal decides to go on one more trip, despite his Aunt’s disapproval, partly because he wants to sleep with Marylou.
  • Carlo still wants to know why. Why did they do this, why are they leaving, why why why?
  • Sal and others call Carlo’s new tone "The Voice of Rock." It seems that Carlo just moves from one kind of Doldrums to the other.
  • It seems Carlo may have tried to get in bed with Dean and Marylou.
  • Sal simply watches everything.
  • Ed Dunkel has another vision, but instead of his dead mother it is his own ghost, walking on the sidewalk.
  • Whoa. Things are getting juicy. Dean wants Sal to have an affair with Marylou. Sal knows it’s because Dean wants to know what she’s like with another man.
  • Then they announce their sexual plans to Marylou, who is "pleased."
  • Dean sits down to watch, but Sal gets cold feet. So he makes Dean go into the kitchen. Sal tells Marylou – who, by the way, is a "luscious blonde" – to wait until they get to San Francisco, and then he’ll show her a good time.
  • There’s some heavy ruminating on Sal’s part after Dean gets into bed with Marylou. He talks about how prison changed Dean and made him harder and affected him sexually. Sal also thinks about Dean’s missing father.
  • Carlo stops sleeping. Marylou and Dean fight, with the result of many physical injuries. It’s time to get out of here.
  • They head towards Bull Lee in New Orleans, and unfortunately, towards Galatea Dunkel.

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