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On the Road

On the Road


by Jack Kerouac

On the Road Part 3, Chapter 4 Summary

  • They rock out to some killer jazz in the city before they leave. There’s Beat and sadness in the music.
  • They get in a big Cadillac and Dean’s all pumped up at how fast he’s driving.
  • They keep talking about blowing, and FYI, that means music, not drugs or sex.
  • All of a sudden Carlo Marx is there! Except not really. They just think they see people they know.
  • Dean goes nuts and runs out in the middle of the street. He’s crouching down to the ground, looking up at the street signs, and spinning in circles with his crippled thumb held up in the air.
  • Dean admires this man, Walter, for having a wife that doesn’t complain about his drinking or staying out late.
  • Continuing in the fun, established pattern of seeing ghosts, Dean points out a man he calls Bull Lee.
  • They need to sleep, so Sal calls up this guy, Ernest Burke’s father, who reminds him of his own father. He lets Sal and Dean and the others crash at his place.
  • Sal goes to pick up the bags from Galatea Dunkel and finds her reading fortune-teller’s cards to figure out what she should do when Ed comes back. The jack of spades represents Dean.
  • She warns that Dean is going to go off on one of these trips and just not come back one time.
  • As he’s leaving, Sal realizes that he was only in San Francisco sixty-something hours, which may actually be on the longer side for him.

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