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On the Road

On the Road


by Jack Kerouac

On the Road Part 3, Chapter 5 Summary

  • They end up in what Dean calls a Plymouth, which isn't a very fun car because it doesn’t have that nice zoomy feeling.
  • Dean talks about the musicians last night and how they had IT.
  • Finally Sal talks. What the subject? His childhood and the car ride games he used to play. Dean and he bond over their conversation.
  • Sal reveals another vision, this one from his childhood: he was on a white horse and jumping over obstacles. Dean shared the thoughts.
  • They get overexcited and disruptive in the back seat, because now they have IT.
  • Everything will be OK once they get to Denver, where they will know IT and they will know TIME.
  • They are taken into a hotel room by a man who hits on them. Dean tries to get money from him, but the man gets suspicious and kicks them out.
  • Dean takes the wheel, and to demonstrate Bull’s bad driving, almost hits several trucks – purely for example.
  • Sal speaks of soul connections, and Dean is so overwhelmed he pulls over and collapses asleep, while his bandaged hand remains up in the air.
  • The passengers in the back seat freak out and say Dean can’t drive anymore, he must be crazy, etc. Sal defends him.
  • Dean wakes up and realizes he’s in the place of his birth, which is hugely symbolic and worthy of several moments of reflection and going "weee-ahhhzz"!
  • The make it to Denver! Everything will be OK once they’re on the road again.

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