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On the Road

On the Road


by Jack Kerouac

On the Road Part 3, Chapter 7 Summary

  • Dean steals a softball like he’s ordering breakfast. That means casually.
  • Dean tries to score with a girl, but throws pebbles at her window, which we all know doesn’t work in the courting business.
  • Because they’re drunk, the woman whose window is being pebbled calls a bunch of men to come after Dean and Sal. But Sal settles the situation by explaining that Dean is his brother.
  • Dean breaks one of Janet’s records (as in, an old-fashioned CD) – on purpose. But, they all have drunken laughter over it and head out to the bars.
  • Sal writes a letter to Bull Lee, saying that he has a deal worked out with a woman friend that gives him money and food. Sadly, the woman friend finds out about said letter and never wants to see Sal again.
  • To Sal, the solution is clear: drink more with Frankie and Dean.
  • Dean steals a car in order to drive through Denver and...steal a better car.
  • While the police discuss one stolen car, Dean just steals another.
  • Frankie and Sal don’t want anything to do with stolen cars, so they take a cab home. Dean follows them in the stolen convertible.
  • Dean comes back with a fourth stolen car, leaves it in front of Frankie’s doorstep, goes inside, and passes out.
  • Sal batters him awake so they can move the stolen car to a less incriminating place, namely a mile away.

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