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On the Road

On the Road


by Jack Kerouac

On the Road Part 4, Chapter 1 Summary

  • Sal finally sells a book he wrote back in the day, so now he has money.
  • He has to go. So he leaves New York (and leaves Dean there).
  • But to get you up to date: Dean’s been living with Inez, parking cars for a living, and smoking a lot of pot when he comes home at night.
  • Sal realizes Dean does the same thing with Inez that he used to do with Camille.
  • To make things even more ridiculous, Inez and Camille talk all the time. About Dean, of course.
  • Dean managed to communicate with his father (in jail in Seattle) via letters.
  • Dean has gotten a little quieter and is "reaching his Tao decisions."
  • They keep track of three baseball games at once.
  • They play basketball with some "young boys" (read: they themselves are getting old).
  • Dean and Sal have a talk before Sal heads out. They want to be old together. Oh, and Marylou had a baby (not Dean’s, though) out in San Francisco. And Ed Dunkel is back with Galatea in Denver.
  • There’s a great moment when Sal sees pictures of their gang that make them look normal, and muses that their children would one day see the pictures and think, in fact, that their parents had been normal.

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