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On the Road

On the Road


by Jack Kerouac

On the Road Part 4, Chapter 2 Summary

  • Sal very non-subtly tells us that, no matter where he is in the country, he never feels like he’s home.
  • He meets a guy named Henry Glass who has spent a lot of time in jail and reads the Bible.
  • Sal remarks he is mad like Dean, but without the saving grace of saintliness. Whatever that means.
  • They hang out with Dean’s old friends, Tim Gray and Stan Shephard.
  • Henry disappears, but he was fun while he lasted.
  • Sal relaxes and feels happy in Denver "because [he has] no dreams."
  • Sal is getting ready to travel on to Mexico, when suddenly there is news that Dean is coming along.
  • Very interesting: Sal remarks that Dean must have gone mad again, and has a vision of Dean as the shrouded traveler that pursues him.

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