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On the Road

On the Road


by Jack Kerouac

On the Road Part 4, Chapter 4 Summary

  • It’s about time for some more eerie foreshadowing. Here we go! Stan gets bit by a freakish bug that inserts a huge stinger into his arm and makes it swell up like there’s no tomorrow. So they need to stop and get some penicillin.
  • They all tell stories.
  • Now Stan is the frantic and feverish one; Dean is calm and listening.
  • Stan tells all about his European adventures.
  • As they travel, Sal recalls all the people and good times in his past (like Terry).
  • They get some penicillin.
  • At a pool hall, Dean instructs Sal to watch. And to dig it, of course.
  • They get to Mexico at three in the morning.

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