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On the Road

On the Road


by Jack Kerouac

On the Road Part 4, Chapter 5 Summary

  • Sal, Dean, and Stan are digging the fact that their money goes a long way in Mexico.
  • Sal keeps calling Mexico "magic," in comparison to the U.S. they have left behind.
  • They don’t know what to do, so they decide they need to move.
  • Everything will be OK when they get to Mexico City.
  • Dean thinks he is in heaven, especially when there are girls around.
  • Dean digs the purity of the land, the lack of suspicion and worries.
  • Sal falls asleep, but Dean drives and watches everything. Sal claims Dean has found "people like himself."
  • Hmm...there’s a lot of interesting talk about different races and peoples, fathers and sons, and the history of time and man. Definitely check that out, and dig it, man.
  • The guys go in search of prostitutes ("gurls") and pot from a man named Victor.
  • Dean worries that the boy getting them marijuana might get in trouble with his mother, but the boy’s all, "Nah, my mother gets it for me."
  • Dean says that the great thing about Mexico is that there’s no need to hurry. Hmm!
  • Victor rolls "the biggest bomber anybody ever saw." His brothers stand around and watch these crazy cats.
  • They get high and dig each other, but they don’t speak the same language.
  • There’s a crazy moment when Sal looks at Dean and Victor and believes that, although they’re speaking different languages, Dean understands everything Victor says by wild insight. Oh, and he thinks Dean is FDR (the president) and God.
  • They meet Victor’s baby.
  • They're all in awe over the intensity of the child’s soul, or something. In short, the kid won’t stop crying.
  • Time for the brothel.
  • Sal says he’s never before been able to play music as loud as he wanted. So he does here, at last.
  • There’s some crazy drum playing, and Dean freaks out over it.
  • Dean gets a hot eighteen-year-old who’s wild and a real drinker. Sal gets a "fat and uninteresting" girl.
  • Sal lusts after a sixteen-year-old, and Stan gets with a fifteen-year-old girl. Sal continues to lust until the girl’s mother comes in to talk to her.
  • He has a shot with a thirty-year-old woman, but she’s not what he wants.
  • Dean and Stan switch girls and have another go.
  • Sal still wants the sixteen-year-old girl, claiming he’s in love with her, for a few hours anyway.
  • They spend a few hundred pesos and then Victor takes them to a bathhouse.
  • They all take showers, except Dean. Angels don’t need personal hygiene. He spends the time communicating with Victor alone.
  • Things are going great, so they leave town.

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