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On the Road

On the Road


by Jack Kerouac

On the Road Part 5 Summary

  • Dean goes home to Inez for about thirty seconds, then takes off for San Francisco and shacks up with Camille and his two children again.
  • An old man with white hair (sound familiar?) comes by and tells Sal to "go moan for man." Sal doesn’t know what this means. We don’t, either.
  • Sal accidentally meets the girl he has been looking for all his life.
  • He makes plans to meet Dean in San Francisco, but Dean just shows up in New York.
  • Sal’s new girl is named Laura.
  • Dean wants to tell Sal everything that’s ever happened to him. Dean also wants to take Inez to San Francisco. That way, Inez can live on the other side of town so he can sleep with her, while he’s married to Camille. In short, absolutely nothing has changed.
  • Inez is having none of it. Finally, a woman with a backbone.
  • Remi Boncoeur shows up in New York to see Sal, but wants nothing to do with Dean.
  • They part on a sad note – Dean walking away in a moth-eaten jacket because Remi won’t give him a ride. Sal feels guilty.
  • The book ends with Sal thinking about America, Dean, and Dean’s missing father, but mostly about Dean.

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