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On the Road Sex Quotes

How we cite our quotes: Citations follow this format: (Part.Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #1

Dean had dispatched the occupant of the apartment to the kitchen, probably to make coffee, while he proceeded with his love problems, for to him sex was the one and only holy and important thing in life, although he had to sweat and curse to make a living and so on. (I.1.4)

Sal immediately presents Dean’s sexual desires as the core of his personality.

Quote #2

Dean got up nervously, paced around, thinking, and decided the thing to do was to have Marylou make breakfast and sweep the floor. "In other words we’ve got to get on the ball, darling, what I’m saying, otherwise it’ll be fluctuating and lack of true knowledge or crystallization of our plans." Then I went away. (I.1.4)

Dean constricts the women in his life to certain gender roles.

Quote #3

"And where’s Marylou?" I asked, and Dean said she’d apparently whored a few dollars together and gone back to Denver - "the whore!" (I.1.6)

Though Marylou behaves the same way the men do, they call her a "whore" for her actions.

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