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Once in a Lifetime

Once in a Lifetime


by Talking Heads

Video & Audio

"Once in a Lifetime" Music Video

Watch Talking Heads’ video for the song. Nice blue screen!

"Once in a Lifetime" Live

Check out the song on the acclaimed Stop Making Sense tour.

Stop Making Sense Promo

This is the original preview for the Stop Making Sense movie tour, featuring "Once in a Lifetime."

"Defaal Lu Wor"

Senegalese musician Wasis Diop did an incredible cover of "Once in a Lifetime" on his album Toxu.

"It's Alright"

Jay Z sampled “Once in a Lifetime” for his song "It's Alright" on Hard Knock Life Vol. 2.

Byrne on TED

David Byrne talks about how architecture has influenced Talking Heads' music.

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